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Speakers: Sky Audio Verdade 2

Amp: SPL Performer s800

Headphones: Sennheiser HD 600

Headphone Amp: Meier-Audio Corda Rock

DA/AD Converter: Antelope Discrete 8

Decent room acoustics.


I work with a hybrid digital/analog setup.

Including hardware units, amongst others:

Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Bus Processor, dbx160A, Altec 1612A, TLA VP-5051 Valve Processor, Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo, Echolette NG-51 Tube Tape Echo, GSSL diy SSL BUS-Comp with Turbo- & Super-Sidechain Mod,  FMR Audio RNC1773, Klark Teknik BBD-320 

Including software, amongst others:

Steinberg Cubase Pro 11, Logic Pro, Universal Audio, Izotope, Acustica Audio, Celemony Melodyne, FabFilter, HOFA, PluginAlliance, SIR Audio Tools, Softube, Soundtoys, Waves, Soundtheory, DMG



At RAMA Recording Studio in Mannheim, Germany, I am able to provide a well equipped and great sounding recording environment. The room is big enough to record solo instruments, all kinds of overdubs and even whole bands live. A lot of usual and unusual microphones, preamps, guitar/bass amps and cabinets are available.

With a mobile recording rig, it's also possible to do highly professional recordings in every other kind of location, such as concert halls, clubs, churches or rehearsal rooms.

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